Boho Barista Mobile Coffee - Visit North Mayo

Anne and Mark Tickle are passionate about travel, nature and coffee! 

They had a vision to create a mobile espresso business, where they would travel the country and bring the best coffee to the most scenic and rural spots in Ireland. They wanted a lifestyle business that would give them the freedom to travel, meet new people and make some money too.

Boho Barista was born out of a need to slow down, to be in the moment and savour that moment. Anne and Mark wanted to create a business to match their lifestyle. Both are very much inspired by travel and nature. They wanted to bring the best coffee to the most scenic and remote spots around Ireland.

Boho Barista – the coffee bar on the move!

Anne and Mark designed and converted their 1971 Royale caravan into the most enjoyable work environment possible. Inspired by their travels, Boho Barista promotes taking time outdoors for well-being, timeout to connect with nature. Their vision is to create a place of community for locals and passers-by to share a chat and sip in the moment and the incredible surroundings of North Mayo and West Sligo.

Boho Barista serve Allpress Espresso, Sticky Chai, Remedy Teas and home baked nibbles.

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