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Fishing on Lough Conn

Fishing on Lough Conn and Lough Cullin is a favourite among international anglers seeking brown trout. It is also very popular with locals. The season on Lough Conn and Cullin starts from 1st February to 30th September inclusive. Lough Conn has never been restocked due to its high ability to self-sustain.

Lough Conn is one of the Great Western Loughs, with an area of 14,000 acres. The lake measures nine miles from north to south, varying in width at various points from two to four miles.

The best known locations for fishing on the Lough are the northern end, particularly the area around the mouth of the Deel River, and in the south-western and western areas of the lake, Massbrook and Castlehill Bay would be considered the  most popular areas.

The Eastern side of the lake which includes area’s such as Cloghans Bay & Brackwansha are also very popular and well known for trout fishing.

Pontoon Bridge, an area famous due to its serene beauty, is located between Loughs Conn and Cullin. It’s an ideal spot well known to salmon anglers who would fish from the shore.

For more information on fishing on Lough Conn and Lough Cullin, check out the Angling Ireland website where you’ll find lots of useful information.

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